Spa Packages

1. Fika’s Signature Escape

A combination of foot soaking with one of your favourite full body massages that stimulates circulation and soothes tight muscles and a deep clean express facial treatment.
Treat yourself or tag your loved one along!

90mins = $ 209 Buy

90mins = $ 409 / 2pp

Upgrade your package to another level of stress-free with additional treatments of foot exfoliation, our Fika Signature facial and an intensive eye treatment.

120mins = $ 309 Buy

120mins = $ 549 / 2pp

2. Wonder Mama Journey:

Perfect deep relaxation, peaceful and calm moment treatment for pampering mom-to-be to unwind a warm stress-free day! This package features foot soaking, pregnancy massage, back cleaning treatment and foot spa treatment.

90mins = $259 Buy

3. Peaceful Escape Journey:

A calming treatment that naturally helps your body increase serotonin, relieve muscle pains, experience a better-quality sleep and lessen anxiety whilst excitedly waiting for your little one. This journey includes foot soaking, pregnancy massage, signature facial and belly mask.

120mins = $329 Buy

4. Mind and Body Renewal:

A deep relaxation, peaceful and serene treatment specially create for new mum to indulge your senses making you look radiant and feel blissfully relieved and rejuvenated! This package includes post pregnancy massage, full body treatment and deep hair conditioning.

120mins = $329 Buy

5. Parent-To-Be Journey:

Indulge your loved one on a romantic escape and immerse yourself in 120 minutes of pampering and tranquility time with our foot soaking, foot exfoliation, pregnancy massage, intensive booster serum and Fika Signature facial for mum-to-be. For dad-to-be includes foot soaking, foot exfoliation, choice of full body massage, foot spa treatment and express facial. This wonderful treatment will give you a memorable and lovely couple experience that you won’t forget!

120mins = $ 549 / 2 pp

6. Mum and Mini ( 12-18 yrs) Escape:

Pause and reconnect together with your mini through a blissful experience to revitalise and de-stress. This package for mum included a choose of variety of relaxing full body massage, foot soaking and a refreshing express facial. For your mini included one of gentle relaxing full body massage, foot soaking and a young teen facial.

90mins = $399 / 2pp

7. Healing Touch:

A healing sensation that soothes your mind and body and optimise overall wellness. This ritual includes a body exfoliation, hand and foot spa treatment and finish off with scalp massage and deep conditioning treatment.

 120mins = $ 309 Buy

8. Sleep-Assist Moment:

Prioritise yourself with a range of our soothing massage of your choice, foot soaking, foot exfoliation and express facial including booster serum. This package also features back facial to naturally increase the body’s production of serotonin, a hormone that regulates sleep and brighten up mood, whilst calming your mind and relieving muscle pains. A scalp massage and deep conditioning are also incorporated to improve a better quality of sleep.

150mins = $379 Buy

*Add any Additional indulgences or short services to any spa service treatments to get the best experience and result.

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