Clinical Peels Treatments

Our comprehensive collection of professional treatments targets a full range of skin concerns, from blemishes and oiliness to fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, pigmentation and more. For our peels treatments are only for clients who have been prepped their skin properly to ensure that your skin has a controlled healing process and also you have the best result as long term as possible. 

Each of our peels are available as stand alone treatment, but for superior long-lasting optimum results we recommend a series of 6 every 2-4 weeks.

All peels buy 5 get 1 Free customised each time your skin needs.

Ormedic Lift

A brightening and balancing solution with fruit enzymes, polypeptides and organic aloe vera to revitalise dull skin without irritation. Organic ingredients with medical effectiveness work to rebalance, regenerate and restore skin while comfrey stem cells boost cellular turnover. Suitable for Pregnancy and Teens.

Skin Concern: Unbalanced, Irritated, Sensitive and Smoker’s complexion.

30 mins = $145

Signature Facelift

Vitamin C and fruit enzymes blended in an organic aloe vera base visibly reduce redness and brighten the skin while hyaluronic acid provides superior hydration.

Skin Concern: Redness-prone, Rosacea, Dry/Dehydrated, Tired/Dull, Oily/Acne and Premature ageing, Post-microdermabrasion and Micro- Exfoliation.

30 mins = $145

Lightening Lift

A cocktail of Kojic acid, plant stem cells and powerful botanical brighteners helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots and discolouration.

Skin Concern: Pigmentation, Unbalanced/uneven skin tone, age spots, dull/tired, redness-prone.

30 mins = $145

Acne Lift

A potent blend of AHA’s and BHA’s, lilac stem cells, purifying botanicals and exfoliating glycolic acid effectively treats mild to moderate acne.

Skin Concern: Acne, Acne-prone, Oily, Hormonally challenged skin, Breakouts, Rough textured skin, Blackheads, Thickened skin, Pigment, lines and wrinkles.

30 mins = $145

Wrinkle Lift

Ultra-resurfacing blend of glycolic acid combined with retinol to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin Concern: Premature ageing, ageing, wrinkles, Fine lines, Rough complexion and Loss of laxity, Oily/acne.

30 mins = $145

Perfection Lift

A comprehensive solution of active exfoliants  including BHAs and AHAs, resorcinol and peptides that work synergistically to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, correct uneven skin tone, smooth rough texture and reduce acne blemishes.

Skin Concern: Deep lines and wrinkles, Ageing, Pigmentation, Acne  and Acne scarring.

30 mins = $145

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