Body Spa Treatments

Organic Honey Body Wrap Ritual 

A deliciously emollient treatment deeply hydrates the skin with rich cocoa and honey steeped in vanilla crème mousse. This treatment is ideal as a safe prenatal body treatment.

Skin Types: Overexposure to the sun, wind or extreme temperatures, Dry, devitalised or dehydrated skin, sensitive, sun damaged, mature and best during pregnancy.

60mins = $12

Purifying Marine Body Wrap Ritual

(Not Pregnancy friendly)

A deeply detoxifying treatment designed to combat congested, uneven and cellulite prone skin. A stimulating blend of essential oils steeped in pure marine extracts and active botanicals purify, decongest and stimulate to balance and revitalise the skin.

Skin Types: Congested, oily, combination or acne skin, sluggish lymphatic system, Cellulite prone skin, Fluid retention, Uneven skin tone, Detoxification.

60mins = $129

Sweet Sugar Body Treatment

This body treatment is designed for tired, dull looking and dehydration skin. A deliciously intoxicating exfoliation ritual infusing organic Australian cane sugar steeped in Australian lime and caviar rich in vitamin C and antioxidants to redefine tone and texture leaving your body feeling fresh, supple, hydrated and smooth like a baby. 

30mins = $79

Back Facial Treatment

An effective treatment that targets your back by using techniques that we used for the face. The best way to get rid of dead skin and back acne with deep cleanse, exfoliate, toning and nourishing your back area that you cannot get on your own. 

The products used are customised to your skin concerns.

30mins = $79